Dropbox opens Carousel up to iPad, the web

As cloud storage solutions for your photos go, Dropbox is fairly popular. The enterprise-focussed solution is also consumer friendly, with photo storage being a fairly new angle for them. If you store your photos in Dropbox, you might be a bit bothered by the lack of viewing options outside of an iPhone or Android device via Carousel. For those who want more, Dropbox is delivering, and is introducing an iPad app as well as a web app for your photo viewing pleasure.

Carousel is Dropbox's photo viewing app, and serves as the front-end for checking out your shots. In the overall scheme of things, nothing about Carousel is new — it's still a pretty standard photo viewer. The ability to see your Carousel pics on an iPad is new, and Dropbox has revamped the viewing options a bit to suit that medium. An improved grid view lets you digest photos faster on a large screen, which is typically nice for a tablet or computer monitor.

You can also share photos with people who don't have Carousel, but they can't send anything back unless they also sign up for Carousel. For the iPhone version of Dropbox's photo viewer, you can now send your pics directly to Instagram.

The goal is clearly to be an all-in-one option for photo sharing and viewing, but as the cloud storage pricing wars heat up, Dropbox is falling behind — often much more expensive than the competition. If you take and share a lot of photos, Carousel might not provide adequate space for you to do so without coming out of pocket in a big way.

Source: Dropbox