Dropbox Hits 25 Million Users, Updates iOS App

The ever more popular cloud storage and file syncing service Dropbox has just hit 25 million users today with over 200 million files saved to the service daily. Those are some awfully impressive numbers considering just a year ago, they had 4 million users and only 2 million users in late 2009. And with this milestone announcement, they've launched an updated iOS app with a slew of new and improved features.

The iOS Dropbox app version 1.4 now lets you queue multiple photos or videos for upload at once instead of having to upload one at a time. But perhaps even more awesome is that the updated Dropbox app now lets you directly upload files from external apps via the iOS "Open In" feature. This works with any external app that supports "Open In." Adding to all this uploading fun is a new dedicated upload tab.

A tabbed interface has been brought back to the app for easier navigation of your Files, Favorites, Uploads, and Settings. And, new language support has been added for Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

Besides all of the above and various bug fixes, this new version 1.4 also brought with it an updated Terms of Service with a passage that reminds users that should United States law enforcement have valid legal process requiring access to your Dropbox files, then they will decrypt your files and promptly hand them over to the authorities. It's no surprise, but still a good reminder to keep any incriminating evidence off the cloud.

The new Dropbox 1.4 is ready now for free download at the App Store.

[via TUAW]