Dropbox AdminX tools make life easier for IT

Dropbox wants to make things easier for business users, and so it is rolling out new "AdminX" tools. These tools aim to make things easier for administrators controlling the Dropbox accounts, including providing a central place for them to control which users have access to specific files and folders. The overall admin experience has been 'reimagined,' as well, so that it is more intuitive than in the past. Dropbox says it has made the changes in part based on feedback about what account admins want.

One of the big changes is a new team folder, which assembles everything together into a single place. Admins can choose who gets access to the team folder or, in more narrow cases, sub-folders within it. Both employees and individuals outside the company can be given access to only specific items. All of the team folders are presented in a single tab, and admin can choose what content is synced with employee computers.

According to Dropbox, it has already had some beta customers using an early version of this system, and it is now rolling it out to other users starting today. The rollout is described as gradual, but those keen on getting it can request it via Dropbox's early access program.

The overall reimagined admin experience, meanwhile, includes an Admin Console that has been updated, better event logging so admins can see who made which changes to what content, an expansion of company-managed groups to all of the company's business admins, and, soon, the option to limit how many devices can sync with the business content.

SOURCE: Dropbox Blog