Drone hunting is on the regulations block in NM

Drones have been a hot topic as of late, not the least of which being concern over various related legalities. Drone hunting — the use of drones for hunting, that is, not the act of hunting drones — is one of the latest topics of choice, and New Mexico is set to address it with a series of proposed regulations later this month.

Hunters have largely split into two factions when it comes to drones and hunting: some see the aircraft as tools for helping target animals, and others see them as an unfair advantage and entirely unsportsmanlike. The concept of "fair chase" is a strong one, and not compatible with drone hunting.

Three states have already taken action and banned the use of drones while hunting: Alaska, Montana, and Colorado. New Mexico could be the newest to the list, if a vote by the state's Game Commission this month swings in the anti-drone camp's favor.

Laws concerning the use of drones for various activities don't always match the current level of technology and the continually-evolving usage of unmanned aircraft. The FAA recently tried to fine a videographer for using a drone to film a commercial, for example, something that ended up being dismissed and, later on, appealed.