Drobo and Pogoplug offer 10GB of free cloud storage

If you are thinking about getting a Drobo storage device like the Drobo S v.2 or already own one, you have some free cloud storage coming your way. Drobo and Pogoplug have announced that they have teamed up for a deal that will offer Drobo users 10GB of free Pogoplug cloud storage. The Drobo owners will also get a custom version of the Pogoplug software to make the Drobo accessible from anywhere in the world.

The free version of the software will allow the Drobo owners to access their Drobo device from anywhere in the world, but won't allow audio and video streaming. Users that want to be able to stream video or music from their device to any computer in the world need to license the software for $29. The software is unlimited and can be put on as many computers as the user wants.

There are no file size restrictions or limitations with the Pogoplug software. This turns the Drobo devices into little personal cloud storage systems. The new feature will also allow the user to automatically back up what they have on the Drobo device at home to the cloud.