Drive eRazer data removal tool

So you buy this device, there is a $200 model that does SATA and PATA/IDE and will do multiple passes, you know, just to make sure. Then there is a $100 model that does single pass and only PATA/IDE, anyways, you buy one of these, hook it up to your hard drive of choice, flip the switch, and you are off.

Yes, you are off erasing your data from the hard drive, whether you are selling it, giving it away, or throwing it away and just want to make sure, its always a good idea to format your drives. Granted you or I would probably just use some software program on our new computers, but if you work with a lot of hard drives that need to be cleaned, this might be a good investment.

I'll admit I don't know how many passes the $200 model does, but I am pretty sure the NIST recommendation is still 7 passes if you want to be absolutely sure. Depending on how large of a hard drive you have, that could take a while.

Drive eRazer Shreds Your Embarrassing Hard Drive Secrets sans Computer [via UberReview]