DreamHack Open Fortnite competition detailed: What players should know

DreamHack has announced its own Fortnite Open tournament for players located in North America and Europe. The competitive events will take place monthly through the rest of the year, offering up $250,000 in prizes every month. This isn't an invite-based tournament; players will soon be able to sign up to participate on the DreamHack website.

As expected, the DreamHack Open is an entirely online tournament, one that is played entirely in Solos mode. The tournament will work by allowing each participating player to play up to 10 games during a three-hour heat in their region. The best 250 players will then advanced to the next stages in the competition.

Players are allowed to play in multiple regions, though, of course, they're encouraged to pick the one that is closest to their actual location — if you pick one that is too far away, your ping may be terrible, resulting in poor gameplay and damage to your overall position in the competition.

The only way to participate in this competition is to sign up, something that will be available directly through the DreamHack website in the near future. Yes, this online competition will be broadcast for streaming (on Twitch, to be specific), plus it will include in-game observations and professional hosting commentary.

As for the format, the kickoff event will take place from July 17 to 26 with two open qualifiers. Of the 250 top players from each 'heat' who proceed to the semifinals, only 100 players will move on from the semifinals to the Grand Final. The Grand Final will features eight consecutive games, each scheduled 40 minutes apart.