Dragon Age 4 may leave Xbox One, PlayStation 4 behind

We've known for a while now that Dragon Age 4 is in the works over at BioWare, but both the developer and its owner, Electronic Arts, have been mostly quiet about it over the past couple of years. We may not know when Dragon Age 4 is going to release, but today we're learning that when it finally gets here, it may genuinely be a current-generation game, launching for Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC while leaving the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 behind.

This information comes from a couple different sources. The first is developer Daniel Nordlander on LinkedIn, whose work history shows that he served as the lead player designer for Dragon Age on the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. While that certainly suggests Dragon Age 4 will be limited to current-gen consoles and PC, GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb has also confirmed with his sources that Dragon Age 4 will be limited to those platforms.

As Grubb points out in his write-up, it isn't a surprise to learn that Dragon Age 4 will give past-gen consoles the cold shoulder in favor of being a truly current-gen game. While publishers and developers are currently releasing many games as cross-gen titles, they're bound to move away from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 eventually.

Dragon Age 4 is possibly still a long way off, and by the time it launches, current-gen games may be the norm. At most, we'd only expect publishers and developers to support previous-gen consoles for two or three years after new consoles launch, and it could very well be the case that Dragon Age 4 is further off than that.

However, even if it isn't, it's possible that Electronic Arts simply wants to make Dragon Age 4 a current-gen game so BioWare doesn't need to worry about making a previous-gen version of the game. Hopefully, we will get confirmation from these two companies soon, but considering BioWare has been very quiet about Dragon Age in recent months, we might be waiting a while.