Dr. Mario World shut down date announced as in-app purchases end

A little over two years ago, Nintendo launched Dr. Mario World, a mobile game based on the classic NES and Game Boy titles. Dr. Mario World is one of the more recent Nintendo mobile releases, but unfortunately for fans of the game, it isn't long for this world. Nintendo has revealed that it will be shutting Dr. Mario World down later this year, presumably because it hasn't been performing as well as Nintendo expected it to.In a post to the Dr. Mario World website today, Nintendo announced that the game's service will end on November 1st, 2021. Unfortunately, this isn't a situation where the game will remain playable but go without updates after that service end update. So instead, when November 1st rolls around, Dr. Mario World will no longer be playable at all.

If players attempt to log in to the app after that date, they'll simply see an end-of-service notification and won't be able to do anything in-game. However, Nintendo says that players will be able to look back on their play history through a new website called Dr. Mario World Memories, which will be going live after the game's service ends.

Nintendo is actually ending the sale of diamonds – Dr. Mario World's premium currency – today, so from here on out, it sounds like everyone will be riding the free-to-play train until the game shuts down on November 1st.

Nintendo has released a number of mobile games throughout the years, but Dr. Mario World is only the second to be shut down (the first was Miitomo, which ended service in 2018). Dr. Mario World will be shutting down on Monday, November 1st, 2021 at 6 AM UTC, so if you're a fan, get some playtime in while you still can.