Downloading free apps won't require passwords in iOS 6

Users won't have to plug in a password anymore for downloading free apps once iOS 6 hits. Developers working with the latest beta have reported that Apple no longer prompts users to enter their password before a free app can be downloaded, according to Cult of Mac. It applies to both new ones and programs that are being re-downloaded.

Just after the iOS 6 beta 1 debuted in June, it was reported that users didn't have to enter their iTunes passwords anymore when they were to download updates or purchases previously downloaded from the App Store. But since iOS 6 beta 3 became available, it was discovered that Apple has expanded this feature to free apps as well.

So when iOS 6 is fully available sometime this fall, users should only need to enter a password when they purchase and download paid apps. Most users should appreciate the new feature, but Apple's balancing act between convenience and security still isn't perfect. The discovery of the new feature comes just shortly after Apple found a vulnerability in iOS that allows users to receive content from in-app purchases without paying for it, and offered a temporary fix for it last week.

[via Cult of Mac]