doubleTwist launches Magic Radio streaming music service

doubleTwist has been around for a while now delivering its music player to Android users, providing an iTunes-like interface for syncing music between Android devices and computers. However, the company announced a new service today, called Magic Radio, and it looks to take a piece of the streaming music market share.

Magic Radio utilizes a user's existing music library, as well as the user's various musical tastes to deliver a personalized music experience. The new service takes the user's existing library and mixes it with with new songs of similar style from doubleTwist's music catalog that consists of over 13 million songs.

doubleTwist says that, unlike Pandora, Magic Radio doesn't base a station on a single song or artist, but rather a user's existing playlists, favorite genres, and can even cater to a user's mood. Plus, Magic Radio is launching with a 7-day free trial, and only costs $3.99 per month afterward, which is cheaper than most other music-streaming services out there.

The subscription will also get you ad-free listening and access to more than 13 million songs that doubleTwist says will be all about discovery rather than repetition. The service will even cater music towards specific keywords you mention (like "Woodstock" or "Coachella") and you can even base a station off a specific tempo that you want. Magic Radio is a part of the doubleTwist Player for Android, which is available for free in the Google Play store.