Double telepresence robot uses an iPad and costs under $2000

Double Robotics from California has created an impressive telepresence robot that would make Sheldon Cooper happy. This robot kit uses an iPad for the telepresence robot's "face" and uses a minimalist design to take up little space and help it stay out of the way in the environment it operates within. The kit is called Double.

The Double robot uses a pair of wheels, a battery-powered motor, adjustable pole, and an iPad holder. The robot is controlled by an operator in a remote location using the Double app on another iPad. Using the app the operator of the robot can move around the remote location and the adjustable pole Double uses is to allow the iPad on the bot to put the operators face on level with workers in the remote facility.

Double weighs in at 15 pounds making it light enough to prevent damage to equipment or merchandise in the remote location or injury to any real workers Double's remote operator might accidentally run into. The company behind Double season is a way for companies who communicate with remote workers or school campuses to allow more interactivity.

The real hallmark of the Double telepresence robot is the price. Its standard MSRP will be $2499. Buyers who pre-order now can get the robot for $1999. Neither of those prices includes the iPad that needs to be installed on the Double or the iPad used to control the Double remotely. The first batch of robots is expected to ship in December with pre-orders placed this week going out in early 2013.

[via DigitalTrends]