Double-sided touch panel could be future of touch tech

A double-sided touch panel was recently shown at the 2008 Sign & Display Show in Tokyo and while it may look a bit primitive, it holds within it the potential to change touch tech. Developed by the Teraokaseiko company, we may very well see something similar to this technology in future PDAs and UMPCs.


The screen at the moment is electroluminescent and features orange monochrome. Yes, it looks straight out of the 80's but we're talking concept here, not finished product. With two resistive touch panels attached to each other, we could see some of those concept UMPCs come to life.

This technology would be best utilized in devices so you can manipulate content from the underside. That way, your hand does not block the content. Standard iPhone sort of touch features are available on this concept as well, such as tap, slide and pinch.

[via OhGizmo!]