Double O magnetic LED bike lights make cycling safer

Cycling is the favorite mode of transportation for many — it is cheap and good for the environment, but it does have one big downside: the hazard that comes with sharing roads with cars. Lights are an important part of staying safe, as we all know, and Double O wants to make sure they don't become a problem of their own.

The Double O addresses some of the most common issues modern bicycle headlights pose, including being too bright for oncoming traffic and too easy to steal if left placed on the bike. With Double O, the LED lights are spread around the outer rim of the headlight in a circular fashion, dispersing the light and preventing unintended visibility troubles for those it is facing.

As for the issue with potential theft of the headlight, the Double O addresses that in two ways: the first is that it is magnetic and can be easily taken off and slipped in a bag with a single tug. If you don't feel like toting it around, however, it can be paired up with the rear light and then threaded onto one's bike lock thanks to its "O" shape.

Double O is the brainchild of designer Paul Cocksedge, and he successfully funded his creation through a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. The pre-orders will start taking place soon, according to the project's website, with shipping slated to start in November of this year. You're looking at about $73 for both the front and rear light, or $40 USD for a single light.

SOURCE: Gizmag