DOOM Eternal players finally get a new Battle Mode multiplayer map

The next major DOOM Eternal update has rolled out and with it, players are finally getting a new Battle Mode map. Update 2 is massive, including quality of life improvements for Battle Mode, as well as the addition of more frequent Empowered Demons, important bug fixes, and much more. The company has also detailed some upcoming game events, including the Castle Grayscale mini-event.

If you love the latest DOOM game but have grown tired of playing the same Battle Mode multiplayer map over and over, Update 2 is a welcomed change. With Torment, players are put in a UAC outpost. Bethesda teases that the Titans used as research specimens in this outpost are now eternally trapped there, giving the Slayer something to battle.

The Battle Mode gameplay itself remains unchanged, with players being assigned as either the Slayer or a Demon of their choice. That's the most exciting part of Update 2, but there are a number of other changes, as well, including the addition of more Empowered Demons.

This is good news for players who want more of a challenge — and bigger rewards for their success — but can be disabled by players who want to spend more time casually slaughtering demons and less time working really hard to survive. Beyond that, the changes are more technical, including latency improvements to Battle Mode that should result in better matches.

Bethesda has tweaked the Boosters menu to make it easier for players to view and claim XP, plus there have been updates to the Photo Mode, the ability to pin favorite podiums and skins, clarity on where customizations originate, and the ability to set keybinds for every demon (in Battle Mode, of course). Beyond that, Update 2 brings a huge number of bug fixes to DOOM Eternal, all of which are detailed in the patch notes.