DOOM and DOOM II update brings 60fps and add-on support

The DOOM and DOOM II games re-released for mobile devices last summer have been updated with a number of new features and quality of life improvements, Bethesda has announced. Fans will appreciate the changes, including the addition of support for add-ons, as well as 60fps gameplay across all platforms on which the re-released versions are available. Players can also now quickly save and load games and more.

The re-released DOOM and DOOM II games are available on Android, iPhone, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. Players can experience the original gameplay in updated quality on the latest platforms, now with dozens of new additions and changes. In addition to add-on support and 60fps support, the games also now have an aspect ratio option for playing in the original 4:3 aspect ratio.

As well, players can pause and then immediately save their game, then quickly load the quicksave with the press of a button. As well, the update adds Level Select for picking the difficult, map, and episode, plus there's a Weapon Carousel for swapping with the weapon you want.

Other major feature additions include Quick Weapon Select using the directional pad, including "up" for the shotgun and "left" for the plasma gun, new options for adjusting overall and level brightness levels, the ability to turn off randomized sound pitches, there's a new health graphics, and the Wolfenstein secret level has been restored to its original DOS release version.

These major changes are joined by a long list of other tweaks and bug fixes, including optimizations to the renderer, better battery life on the Nintendo Switch, faster menu navigation, better game behavior when existing sleep mode, a fix for a skipping issue that would arise after unpausing, and more.