Donald Rumsfeld Has A Churchill-Themed Solitaire App

Rounding out the workweek comes this new app for your weekend procrastination needs: it's a Solitaire app. Does the world need a new Solitaire app? Perhaps not, but this one is a little different than most. The app is called Churchill Solitaire, and as you've probably guessed by this point, it has everything to do with Winston Churchill. Less obvious, though, is the man behind the app: former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Churchill Solitaire is, according to its website at least, "the most diabolical version of Solitaire ever devised." The game was reportedly played by Churchill to "sharpen his wits and steal his nerves"; it features two decks of cards and a row of cards called the "Devil's Six."

The app, which is currently available for iOS and is coming to Android eventually, allows friends to challenge each other over email, Twitter, Facebook, and Game Center. The game also has a ranking system, with gamers starting as "Sandhurst Cadet" and working their way up to, eventually and if they're skilled enough, Prime Minister.

The app is the result of Rumsfeld who supposedly learned about Churchill's version of Solitaire while serving as an ambassador. Rumsfeld is said to be a long-term player of the game himself. He'll be promoting the app in a "major national media tour."

SOURCE: Buzzfeed