Domino like Flash Drives

Christina Crouch - Jan 18, 2008

If I had to pick two qualities that I thought products needed to have in order to sell they would be: geek factor and necessity, in that order. These domino look-a-likes are actually USB flash drives and therefore possess both qualities.

Designed by Marcos Breder, the idea behind this is that once you fill up 1/9 of the drives capacity a dot will light up. It’s not a new concept but it is pretty nifty (dorky). It has to appeal to anyone who is a fan of dominoes, not that I’m sure there are many left aside from Rube Goldberg.

Each domino comes with two flash drives that interlock and apparently they store 9GB apiece. Right now it’s only a concept but I’m sure that wont be the case for long and I’d bet the price will be relatively decent.

Geeky Gambling [via EverythingUSB]

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