Dollar Shave Club almost makes me want to shave

I work from home, so most days I don't even bother with pants. Dressed up for folks like me is boxers without pizza stains. I certainly don't think about shaving until I'm somewhere between Grizzly Adams and Ben Roethlisberger. However, Dollar Shave Club makes me want to shave. Okay, that's a lie. Dollar Shave Club does make me think about shaving though, which is something the wife has so far been unsuccessful with.

This is a service that will ship you fresh razor blades each month so you don't have to buy them yourself. You'll not get any of that vibrating blade, kiwi shaving, froufrou razor stuff in this club. What you get are sharp blades to shave your scruff and the loss of the ability to use the excuse "honey I forgot to buy razors again." The Dollar Shave Club will ship your monthly razor blade order for... wait for it... $3. One dollar is for the blades and the other two singles are for shipping and handling. You can choose to order fancier blades if you want at six dollars a month or nine dollars a month depending on what you choose.

I think the YouTube video commercial for the club is perhaps the best advertisement for anything masculine this side of the world's most interesting man. "I don't always shave, but when I do it's The Dollar Shave Club." The service strikes me as quite funny and interesting at the same time. It has launched with $1 million in backing from the venture capital world. In fact, it's the latest company to launch from the incubator called Science, Inc. with partners including Mike Jones, former CEO of MySpace. Granted, these days having a former MySpace CEO on staff might not be something to brag about.

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