Dolby Volume - Consistent sound during commercials will finally be a reality

Recently I've noticed a few TV stations that have unusually loud commercials. I've been without my DVR for a little while, so I've been forced into watching more commercials, so I'm really quite annoyed by this. There's nothing like grabbing the remote and adjusting the volume just so you can hear yourself think. Thankfully Dolby has a solution for this issue.

Dolby Volume promises to measure, analyze and control the volume based on how we perceive and organize sound. The system works by combining a Volume Leveler with a Volume Modeler which will not only keep the volume consistant, but also as clear and crisp as possible.

This technology will need to be built-in to your TV or AV receiver, and there's no word yet on when we will being seeing this or how much of a premium we will have to pay for it.

Dolby offers new TV volume-leveling solution [via gizmag]