Dolby introduces reusable next generation 3D glasses for theaters

Dolby is mostly known for the technology it has developed for sound over the years. We are all familiar with Dolby Digital from going to the movies and watching movies at home. Dolby has announced that it will be offering a new line of 3D glasses that will work with Dolby 3D Digital Cinema movie systems installed in theaters around the country. The glasses are pretty ugly in all honesty.

You can get the much sexier, and much more expensive, Oakley and other brand of premium passive 3D eye ware in the over $100 range if you want your own pair of 3D glasses. The Dolby glasses will sell for about $12 a pair making them much more palatable for the theater looking to reduce ticket prices for movie fans. At first, they will only be offered in adult sizes. Dolby says next quarter it will offer kid sizes too.

The glasses use 3M multi layer optical film that reduces the weight of the glasses and increases comfort. The frame is made of nylon with wide temples for comfort and a shelf over the top of the lenses to prevent light from getting in and reducing internal reflections. The frames will also fit over most prescription glasses. The glasses also have RFID tags inside for tracking to manage the inventory. These glasses are good for hundreds of use and wash cycles according to Dolby and are aimed at theaters looking to get away from the disposable glasses we are used to now.