Dog food recalled again over salmonella risk: What pet owners should know

Sunshine Mills is back with another dog food recall, noting that it is voluntarily recalling several of its products over the risk of salmonella contamination. The possible contamination was found during routine testing by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, which alerted Sunshine Mills' distributor Fleet Wholesale Supply Company.

Sunshine Mills was the company behind multiple dog food recalls last year, though that issue was due to the potential presence of aflatoxin. This new recall involves salmonella, which can potentially spread from pets to humans who touch them, their food dishes, or the contaminated pet food. The testing found salmonella in a 5lbs bag of Sprout Sporting Dog Food.

The recall covers different dog food products, including Intimidator Chicken & Rice Formula, Sprout Sporting Dog Food, Sportsman's Pride Professional Formula, and FRM Gold Select High Performance Dog Food. The products are recalled in various states depending on the brand; customers who purchase any of these dog food products can find the identifying details in the recall notice on the FDA's website.

Only the products with these identifying details are covered by the recall, according to Sunshine Mills. Retailers have been contacted about the recall in order to remove the products from shelves. Consumers, meanwhile, are advised to stop feeding their dogs the food and to return it to the store from which it was purchased for a refund.

Dogs infected with salmonella may experience symptoms like fever, reduced appetite, stomach pain, lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea. People who contract the pathogen, meanwhile, may have some of the same symptoms, though in rare cases the infection can also cause issues like UTI, arterial infections, arthritis, eye irritation, and more.