Dodge plans to build an electric vehicle that can beat the Hellcat

Anyone who follows electric vehicles knows that they can be incredibly fast. An excellent example is the Tesla Model S Plaid which is one of the fastest cars in the entire world. American automaker Dodge has a history of building some very fast muscle cars, including the Dodge Hellcat with its supercharged V-8 engine. A new report is making the rounds the claims Dodge intends to build an electric vehicle that will put the Hellcat to shame.

Dodge has been reluctant to electrify its vehicles, but that is changing now that the company is part of Stellantis. The Detroit Bureau cites six insiders who say Dodge is currently working on at least six electrified vehicles. The six vehicles are reportedly in the styling studio in Michigan right now.

The expectation is that at least one, but likely several of the vehicles, will be plug-in hybrids. Automakers all around the world are scrambling to electrify their vehicles to meet ever-increasing federal fuel economy mandates. Dodge has a history of searching out bragging rights at the dragstrip. It will have to be an extremely fast vehicle to outrun the Plaid edition Tesla that claims to reach 60 mph in under two seconds, making it faster than the Dodge Demon.

Dodge has to do something to keep up its reputation for speed as the days of massive output V8 engines are numbered in the wake of increasing fuel economy and emissions regulations. Dodge has already confirmed that its Hellcat-powered Durango SUV will be discontinued because it doesn't meet emissions standards.

Other than the insider saying Dodge is working on six electrified vehicles, there is little in the way of detail on the electrified rides. It would be easy to imagine the automaker pulling that massive Hellcat V-8 from under the hood and replacing it with batteries and electric motors with a focus on beating Tesla.