Doc Brown at is again, coffee-powered car surfaces

In the future, you don't need roads and Starbucks has replaced every corner gas station with its over-priced drinks with names like caramel monkey-butt-ado. This strange, ugly, rusty, 1988 VW Scirocco does sort of have the Delorian shape Doc Brown prefers.

The car is nicknamed the Car-puccino and is allegedly powered by coffee beans. The creators of the vehicle plan to drive it 210 miles from Manchester to London with power only from coffee granules. The vehicle was built by a team from a BBC TV show called Bang Goes The Theory.

According to the design team, the car will travel three miles per kilogram of ground coffee. If we are basing the 56 espressos per mile that DailyMail estimates the trip will take on Starbucks pricing, this will be one seriously expensive trip. The total journey based on UK coffee prices will cost about 50 times what it would cost in gas. I figure the only by prodcut the coffee fuel will produce is jittery drivers.