DJI will restrict drones that aren't activated after new update

DJI has announced that drone operators with one of its aerial vehicles will experience restricted operation if they update to the latest firmware or software but fail to properly activate the product afterward. This is part of a 'new application process' the company detailed over the weekend, saying that it applies to all of its customers except those located in China. Failing to update will cause camera streaming to be disabled and more.

This appears to be a move on DJI's part to ensure that its customers' drones are equipped with the necessary information for regulations in their own country. The activation requirement will kick off the end of this week and will apply to anyone who updates their drone with the new firmware, with the only exception being the A3 and N3 standalone products. This requirement also applies for those who use any of the DJI GO or GO 4 mobile apps at any point in the future.

The move, according to DJI, is to make sure 'you will use the correct set of geospatial information and flight functions for your aircraft, as determined by your geographical location and user profile.' Nothing about the existing safety-based flight limitations will change, the company explains. The necessary activation will be available after logging into the DJI mobile app and is required even if the customer has previously registered their product with DJI.

Those who fail to update their new firmware/software will have certain limitations applied to their drone, including a maximum 30m / 98ft height and 50m / 164ft radius for operation. As well, DJI warns that the camera's ability to live stream video will be disabled, crippling the product's usability.