DIY Wolverine Claws could make you part of X-Men, too

Nate Swanner - May 15, 2014
DIY Wolverine Claws could make you part of X-Men, too

You’re excited for the new X-Men movie, we’re excited for the new X-Men movie — but the guy below is really excited. A gentleman, who is possibly slightly mad but definitely brilliant, went ahead and made himself a set of actual, working, adamantium claws. We know, the jealousy is strong with us, too.

British inventor and all-around jealousy-inducing guy Colin Furze used a backpack with compressed air cannons to launch his metal spikes. The jutting claws are stainless steel, which was used because he had a touch of trouble getting his hands on adamantium. They’re controlled by a small button on the palm handles, which he touches to both release and retract the claws.

His work is pretty neatly done, too. The claws aim just a touch outward, following the form of the hand — just like Wolverine. The claws themselves look all too real, also; nice and curved, with a true-to-form point. All-in-all, Furze nailed it.

He promises more X-Men human-hacks int he near future, too. We’d love to see some real laser eyes, like Cyclops, or maybe some dangerous throwing cards like Gambit. Maybe he can figure out how to control metal like Eric Magneto, we don’t know.

A pretty cool concept that has us wondering what you’d do with Wolverine claws. Would you be the quickest chef ever, or terrorize your boss when asking for time off? Tell us what you think, and what you’d do with a kit like this, int he comments section below!


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