DIY USB Floppy Disk Mixes the Best of Both Worlds

Evan Selleck - Nov 15, 2010
DIY USB Floppy Disk Mixes the Best of Both Worlds

Back in the day, the floppy drive was all the rage. Being able to transport your data from one PC to another, all thanks to this small, square thing that could usually fit right into your pocket. Of course, back then, the paltry amount of space on those disks is laughable now, but at least they got the job done. So, what if you want to be able to carry all your data on a floppy disk in today’s world, just because you’re retro like that? Well, you could always start a do it yourself project, where you combine a floppy disk and flash memory.

That’s exactly what this USB floppy is. You get the obvious floppy disk there, which will hide your USB cable as well as your flash storage, all in a neat little package. You just slide the metal disk protector to the side, and you’ll be able to access the single USB cable inside. Just plug that into your computer, and you’ll be able to access what’s there. To make it better, the designer put a small red LED in the write/protect switch, which will tell you when the flash storage is being accessed.

Unfortunately, the USB floppy isn’t available to everyone, as it was just a do it yourself project. However, if you want to take the time, and you like floppy disks that much, you could probably get the job done on your own.

[via Technabob]

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