DIY Streetview camera kit lets you be Google

If you have a hankering to be like Google and make your own Street View images, you can do it with this new camera kit from a company called Streetview Technology. The company makes a camera with three mounting options, including a car mount or a backpack. The camera has lenses on each side that record in all directions at one time.

The photos the camera takes are shot every three seconds and the system geo tags the images with location information. The kit also comes with software that allows the person using the camera kit to post their own Street view images on websites. Once the images are posted, users can interact with them.

I have a strong suspicion that Google is going to take issue with the company calling itself Streetview Technology. The company is aiming its technology and DIY enthusiasts who live in a country that will not likely be covered by Google Street View soon. The company claims that its customers include a mapping company from South America, a railway planning company in the US, and a company that performs compliance checks for US government agency. The company even hinted that some military agencies are using its technology.

[via CNET]