DIY Sega Arcade Cabinet - Lindberg Is Making A Comeback

In a world where arcade games have seemingly gone to the wayside, knocked out of the way by their console and cell phone based brethren there is still hope. It can be found in the new Sega Lindberg arcade cabinets, and I hope they aren't making fun of my buddy Charles.

So some guy went to Japan, saw these new arcade cabinets and decided he wanted one. Importing was out of the question solely due to the high cost of shipping, so he did what any card carrying geek with proper motivation would do, he made one himself.

This amazing looking cabinet has a large Sony display on the top, a small car audio system built in, and it houses his PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Basically this is an arcade fan's dream, and now I want one too. It appears he even had the foresight to make some extra arcade control units for when his friends come over.

[via Kotaku]