DIY - Recreate the Last Starfighter

I'm sure that every gamer that's my age or older has seen The Last Starfighter. If you haven't, you should watch it sometime, it's a classic flick. Anyway, the game that the entire movie is based around was never actually produced. The people over at Rogue Synapse thinks that's a crime against humanity, and have thus recreated it for the general public.

The cabinet you see is probably the best recreation of the one used in the movie that you'll find. Sadly the original movie prop was destroyed long ago. If you want to build your own cabinet, they've got a set of instructions for doing so.

The coolest part is that they've actually recreated the game itself, right down to the actual lines of dialog used in the movie. You can download the game for free and play it under MAME (which is what any good homebrew cabinet would be running).

You Can Be The Last Starfighter [via ohgizmo]