DIY lightsaber with crossguard made with 3D printer

Fans of Star Wars have certainly seen the preview for the next film that aired on November 20th for the first time. The preview for the film left many of us wondering exactly what was going on with a Storm Trooper that didn't look like the clone we expected to see. One of the cooler tidbits from the preview was of some unknown bad guy stalking through a snowy forest holding a new lightsaber.

This lightsaber has a lightsaber crossguard and looks really cool. A group of maker geeks decided to make their own version of that crossguard lightsaber using a 3D printer and elbow grease. The finished product looks very cool and I'd wager we would see a similar official toy hit the market along with the film.

It was hard to glean any details on the lightsaber from the preview since the scene was so dark other than the fact that it had small lightsaber crossguards. The final design is a modular one that can be turned into just about any lightsaber in the franchise from the dual sided Darth Maul to Yoda's weapon.

All of the parts were 3D printed using PLA on a desktop DM 3D printer at a layer resolution of 0.2mm. All of the files needed to make your own light saber on the 3D printer are included in the downloaded available on instructables.

SOURCE: Instructables