DIY Lego Santa sleigh for geeky festiveness

Lego is so much more than just a kid's toy today. We have seen some geeks build some great creations from the Lego boxes that are so much cooler than what you might build with a kit from Walmart. We have seen a few holiday kits lately and the latest is a Santa sleigh kit.

The kit can be ordered directly from via the digital Designer section. You will need the Lego Digital Designer 4.0 software and then you can get the design files from the source. The design has some options for a traditional sleigh or a rocket power sleigh.

You can get your Santa minifig at Toys "R" Us. Apparently, they are giving the Santa figures away with Lego purchases right now. This is pretty cool and perfect for your geeky Christmas tree. The kit will cost you about $35.