DIY Instant Camera actually needs minutes to print photos

Typically, when you say instant camera, we think of the sort like the old Polaroid's that you shoot the pic, the film comes out the front and in a bit you have a nice color photo to share. A dude named Niklas Roy made his own instant camera. While the photo might take about the same amount of time as that old Polaroid to be ready to share, it's nowhere near as fast for the subject of the photo. The subject has to stand still for three minutes.

Roy's instant camera uses an old black and white video camera that is hooked in some way to a thermal receipt printer, as you would see at a store. When the camera is on the receipt printer prints the photos out line by line at a snail's pace. The catch for the subject is that there is no memory inside the camera so each line is forgotten as soon as it prints.

That means the camera has to go back to the old days of photography and requires the subject to be still for three minutes. That doesn't sound that long until you actually try and sit or stand motionless and see that a few minutes feels like an eternity. This is a cool DIY project.

[via Petapixel]