Diving helmet of the future is all glass and uses LEDs

I'm not a scuba diver, but I have snorkeled and swam in a pool with goggles enough times to know that the things seriously limit your vision. If I were actually diving in the ocean, I would want my vision to be as open as possible in case Jaws was swimming up behind me or my diving partner was about to try and pants me at 150 feet.

This sweet concept diving helmet is certainly futuristic enough and is made from glass and LEDs. The device has a HUD that shows important things like GPS maps and how much air you have left in your tanks.

The really far out aspect of the concept is the electrolysis unit that extracts oxygen from the seawater around the diver. The helmet uses silicone to form a seal between the divers head and the helmet. I'm not sure how workable this design really is, but it is very cool. Is it just me or do those orange curls on teh sid emake you think of Princess Leia?