Ditech VQABlue improves Bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more commonplace, but that doesn't mean the technology can't be improved upon. And that's precisely what Ditech is striving to do with their VQABlue solution technology.

This new software can be downloaded onto headsets and it doesn't even require a memory upgrade. Rather, this tech makes it so the dual-microphone design inside is vastly improved. So instead of having to wear the headset in such a way to get the mic as close to your mouth as possible, often causing discomfort, you can wear it however feels best.

Also new are bi-directional algorithms, which improve voice quality for both the caller and the callee. Other features include Acoustic Echo Control, Enhanced Voice Intelligibility, Adaptive Noise Cancellation, Adaptive Listener Enhancement and more. You can get VQABlue from Ditech now as a plugin.