Displair puts images onto fog that are touch interactive

If you thought Kinect was cool and an interesting way to have gesture interaction with all sorts of devices, check this out. A company called Displair is showing off a very interesting new display system that has very fine motion control of what is projected. It looks like some sort of magic cloud controlled by a wizard.

The system uses a cold fog as the projection screen and then projects the images onto the fog that you see. The motion control comes from an infrared camera and the system is accurate enough to capture fine movements of the hands. The entire system was developed by a college student living in a dorm room. It has only 0.2-second lag time between the motion and the movement of the display.

The Kinect has 0.1 seconds for comparison. The system has 1500 points of multitouch control with an accuracy down to 1cm. When the system is made in quantity the thought is that it could sell for somewhere in the massive range of $4,000 to $30,000. The system can be scaled for projections of 40-inches to 140-inches.

[via eu.techcrunch]