Disneyland Star Wars Galaxy's Edge expansion opening really soon

You don't need to travel back to the distant past or wait for light speed travel to take you to an unnamed galaxy far, far away to get your space opera fix. If you're lucky enough to be living near or have access to either the Disneyland or Disney World Resorts, then all you have to do is wait and hope that the Force is strong with you. Disney has finally given a solid date, more or less, to the opening of its most ambitious Star Wars attraction ever: Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

If you've been following either Star Wars news or Disneyland attractions, then you know this is no simple themed ride. Disney has devoted acres of land in to recreate, actually create for the first time, a rather small and almost isolated part of the Star Wars universe. Here, everyone except visitors will all be acting, and dressed up, as characters and creatures in the franchise and everyone will always be acting in character. It's a Star Wars LARP fan's dream come true.

The park will be set in the fictional world of Batuu which, based on the short teaser video, seems to be a rather technologically advanced civilization surrounded by lush foliage and, possibly, dangerous creatures. Disney hasn't yet laid out what activities visitors will be able to take part in, only that they will be dropped in the middle of the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order. And that every action and outcome may have an effect in other parts of the park. Just like in the real world.

So when can Star Wars fans go crazy over the expansion lands? Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will open summer 2019 at Disneyland Resort. Walt Disney World Resort goers, however, will have to wait until late fall for their turn.