Disney reinstates its face mask rule only weeks after getting rid of it

On June 15, Disney World dropped its face mask required for guests who had been fully vaccinated. Fast-forward a little over a month and the same face mask requirements have been reinstated, meaning every visitors must wear a mask even if they've received both shots of the vaccine.

Disney maintains a website that contains information about its reopening details, including details about its sanitation practices and requirements. The website was recently updated to revert the previous change, noting that starting on July 30, all visitors must wear a face mask regardless of vaccination status.

The face mask rule applies to enclosed transportation within the Disney World park, as well as when on rides and attractions and any time a guest is indoors. The requirement applies to anyone ages 2 years and older. The only exception to the face mask requirement is when guests are in the outdoor common areas, according to Disney.

In addition to noting its latest mask guidelines, Disney also provides guidance on the types of masks visitors should wear, noting that they should contain at least two layers of a breathable material, that they must cover one's nose and be secured under the wearer's chin, and that they should have a snug, though, comfortable fit.

Disney says that it doesn't consider certain types of 'masks' as acceptable, meaning visitors won't get away with things like mesh-based face masks, masks with a hole in them, neck gaiters, open-chin masks, triangle bandanas, or face masks that have valves.

The change comes only days after the CDC's latest guidance on face masks, which recommends that everyone resume wearing them regardless of vaccination status if they live in a place with moderate or high transmission levels.

The Delta variant and its widespread presence in the US is the driving factor behind this change. Officials have warned this variant is far more contagious, that fully vaccinated people may be able to spread the virus to others, and that it is the variant behind a growing number of breakthrough cases.