Disney Plus is getting a new show based on National Treasure movies

The National Treasure franchise starring Nicolas Cage will be turned into a Disney Plus movie, according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer. In addition to the series, Bruckheimer also said that there's work underway on a National Treasure 3 movie intended for theaters, indicating that fans can expect a big revival of the aging franchise.National Treasure is a movie starring Cage as treasure hunter Benjamin Gates as he searches for the 'national treasure' referenced in a coded map on the Declaration of Independence; the movie was released in 2004. A sequel to the film called National Treasure: Book of Secrets was released in 2007.

The Disney Plus series will feature a younger cast than the movies, according to Bruckheimer, who indicates that the project is farther along than the third movie installment. Work is still underway on writing the movie's script whereas the TV series has a fully written pilot script and outlines for the rest of the episodes.

Rumors about a third National Treasure movie have been stirring for months; back in January, for example, we heard word that Chris Bremner had been tapped to write the script for the show alongside Bruckheimer. Jon Turtletaub, director of the first two movies, will be back to direct the third installment.

It's unclear at this time what fans can expect in terms of the movie and show storylines. The Disney Plus series may be directed at younger audiences in light of the plans to cast younger actors, but it's unclear what kind of direction Disney will take with the show. Premiere dates for these projects aren't yet known.