Disney+ may not support Fire TV when it launches next month

Last month, Disney announced the list of devices that will support its Disney+ streaming service when it launches next month. As we noted at the time, Amazon's Fire TV was notably absent from the list, which covers just about every other major platform on the market, including everything from mobile and desktop to Chromecast and gaming consoles. According to a new leak, the absence may hint at a dispute taking place behind closed doors.READ: Disney reveals huge list of devices Disney+ will support at launch

The lack of Fire TV on Disney's supported devices list is because of a 'dispute' between the two companies, the Wall Street Journal claimed in a report this week. Amazon and Disney are reportedly butting heads over terms related to the latter company's apps, namely that Amazon allegedly wants the right to 'sell a substantial percentage' of Disney app ad space.

The sources behind the report alleged that Disney has resisted Amazon's request; failure to strike a deal over the matter may result in Disney apps being pulled from the Fire TV platform, which would mean Disney+ wouldn't be accessible to Amazon customers. That would be quite unfortunate given the service's anticipated popularity.

In addition, the report claims that Disney anticipates being able to use the popularity of its products to work out more favorable terms for a deal. Should a deal fail to be penned, Fire TV customers would lose access to a number of major services like the ESPN app, plus they wouldn't be able to download Disney+ when it arrives on November 12.

The absence of these products may result in a number of customers purchasing a supported streaming device from a competitor — Roku remains more popular than Fire TV and is listed as a supported-at-launch device for Disney+, for example. Neither Disney nor Amazon have commented on the report, however, so official details are missing.