Disney Infinity 3.0 comes to PC, forgets to bring the toys

When Skylanders came out a few years back, I was convinced that someone at Activision was a marketing genius. You buy a game, and it comes with toys that you use to interact with the game. Additional toys would give you access to new characters. This leads to people not only buying additional content for the game, but it gives you something physical to collect, as well. So what happens when you take the toys away from the equation? Well, if Disney Infinity is your thing, you can experience that scenario on your PC now.

Disney has officially launched Disney Infinity 3.0 for the PC. It's a free game to download via Steam, Microsoft Store, or straight from their own site. While it is technically free, you'll only have access to a limited number of characters and levels. This is where you'd normally go out and buy figures and sets to expand the game, but there is no interface between the physical toys and your PC.

If you want to expand your game, you'll have to do it through microtransactions, which net you only digital versions of the characters. While this takes away all of the fun of collecting, there is an upside. Looking at the PC Shop, you can buy individual characters for around $6, while the toys for other versions of the game will set you back $14 in stores.

If you're a PC gamer that wants to experience Disney Infinity, then this is going to be a cheaper alternative to playing on a console. But if you're in it for the toys, you'll want to skip the PC version.

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