Dish Network will repair your iPhone, even if you're not a subscriber

If someone from Dish Network shows up at your house, it's probably because you're getting your satellite TV service hooked up or repaired. Or maybe they're just trying to sell you service. But soon, they might be showing up to your house because you need your cell phone repaired.

This morning Dish announced that they will start offering the services of their technicians for anyone with a broken iPhone. It would seem that they are training all of their techs in phone repair, as they said that anyone in any of the 50 states will be able to call Dish to schedule an appointment for repair. This extends to non-Dish customers, as well.

This is interesting, because to my knowledge, Dish is the first company to offer in-home smartphone repair. Currently, they only support the repair of iPhone 5, 5c 5s, 6, and 6 Plus. There's no word on why Apple's latest phones aren't on the list, but we can assume that they will probably be adding those at a later time. Android owners will be happy to know that they are planning to extend their services to other smartphone manufacturers besides Apple in the future, as well.

Prices range from $135 to $185 for screen repair, and $75 for a battery replacement. There is also a flat $35 fee for each house call, as well. Their services are a bit pricey when compared to others that I've seen locally, but bear in mind that you're also paying to have a technician show up at your door, rather than driving to them. If you want to summon a Dish technician to repair your phone, you can do so by heading to their new Smart Phone Repair portal.