Dish Network to accept Bitcoin

Ewdison Then - May 30, 2014
Dish Network to accept Bitcoin

Dish Network has announced a new upcoming way for its customers to pay for their service: Bitcoin. This makes Dish the largest company to accept the digital currency, as well as the first pay-TV provider with subscriptions to support Bitcoin.

The support for Bitcoin payments will start in the third quarter of this year, though there’s no specific date at this point. According to Dish’s executive VP, the move is to give the company’s customers increased options for paying for their service.

On Dish’s end of things, the company will be using Coinbase’s Instant Exchange, while customers can use any Bitcoin wallet they want. Coinbase has praised the move, saying it is a large step forward in allowing customers to pay for services with Bitcoin.

This won’t affect subscribers’ ability to pay through conventional methods. It won’t be possible to set up recurring Bitcoin payments, so those who choose to use the cryptocurrency will have to make one-time payments every month for their service.

SOURCE: Dish Network

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