Discovery plans TV competition that'll send one person to space

Discovery has announced an upcoming competition show that aims to send one person to the International Space Station for eight days, making it the first of its kind to offer such an adventure. The show currently has the working title Who Wants to be an Astronaut?, and it is slated to premiere in 2022. The opportunity will be made available to 'everyday people,' according to the network.

The network is now accepting applications from people interested in participating in the competition series. Discovery emphasizes that this opportunity is being made available to 'regular people,' giving the general public a shot at a trip typically reserved for select highly-trained individuals.

Who Wants to be an Astronaut? will be an eight-part competition series in which contestants will take part in 'grueling' challenges and undergo space flight training. Discovery warns that only a few people will make it through the 'rigorous selection process,' and only one person will ultimately get a seat on Axiom Space's private space travel mission anticipated to launch in January 2022 or later.

A panel of judges will choose the competition's winner from the final contestants based on who is most qualified for the private space flight. The show will include the mission launch, the eventual re-entry on Earth, and the contestant's journey back home. The show will be produced by Boat Rocker Studios.

If you're interested in this rare opportunity, you can head over to Discovery's Who Wants to be an Astronaut? web page to apply. You'll need to submit a short video with your application that introduces yourself and details why you should be given this chance to compete for a trip to space.