Discord screen-sharing feature finally arrives on mobile devices

If you use Discord as your primary messaging platform, good news: you can now share your screen with other users from your mobile device, eliminating the need to dust off your laptop. The feature works exactly as you'd expect — you can share what's happening on your display with others, opening the door to new broadcasting options.

The ability to interact virtually with friends and family is more important this year than ever — many people have had to adapt their social lives to ones that take place in front of a camera rather than in person. Video conferencing software has become the popular solution, but many messaging apps have built-in video calling features.

Last month, indications surfaced that Discord was testing a screen-sharing feature for smartphone users, one that makes it possible to show off your gaming, artwork, or anything else with friends in real-time. That feature has now officially arrived, though it is still rolling out, so remain patient.

There are many potential uses for this feature — if you have a smartphone with a stylus, for example, you can share your screen while you're drawing something. Similarly, users can share their gameplay while they're playing for others to follow along.

The feature could also be useful for watching videos with a friend to see everyone's reaction at the same time. The only exception is that apps which block screen recording/sharing features won't be supported. According to Discord in a statement to Engadget, the screen-sharing feature will arrive on tablets in addition to smartphones in the future.