Discord is giving racist alt-right servers the banhammer

Discord has started banning servers that harbor racist users, specifically ones that are related to the tragic events that recently took place in Charlottesville. The company announced its actions after they took place via its Twitter, saying that, among other things, it put an end to the 'altright.com' Discord server. The news comes shortly after GoDaddy similarly booted a racist account from its service.

Many racist, alt-right destinations exist online – some in the form of dedicated websites like the one GoDaddy targeted, others in the form of Twitter and Facebook accounts, forums, and more private destinations like Reddit subreddits and servers. Discord, being a popular destination for all sorts of servers, is one place where these alt-right conversations can (could) be found.

In addition to banning the altright.com server, Discord announced that it has also banned an unspecified number of other accounts that were in some way related to the Charlottesville events — presumably in a racist way. "We will continue to take action against white supremacy, nazi ideology, and all forms of hate," the company explained.

Of course, this move upset some folks who are demanding that Discord proceed to shut down Black Lives Matter servers, ones associate with 'leftists,' and similar. The company responded that it will shut down any servers that it finds to be violating its Terms of Service and guidelines, particularly ones associated with 'inciting violence against people,' and that users should report any ones they know of that are in violation.