Disco lights drink coaster

James Allan Brady - Sep 23, 2007

So some guy in the UK (ebenupton is his nickname) decided that since his wife liked Vegas so much the last time they were there, he’d try and do something to bring a little bit of that flashiness home. What he came up with was some sort of light array put underneath an oddly shaped piece of transparent plastic to make a disco style light show on the contents of you glass.

It works well with his example of a gin and tonic on top of it, it looks pretty good. However my drink of choice is Jagermeister, straight up, I don’t think the light show would do much for that.

Anyways, there isn’t any pricing or availability because the guy made it himself. However, he was kind enough to make an instructable out of the whole thing so you can make your own if you want. I believe the gentleman uses a serial cable to actually provide the light show, however if you are far more handy than I, you could probably substitute some sort of controller and program in a few light sequences.

Homemade Gadgets – The disco drinks coaster [via gadgettastic]

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