DirectX 10 on a Mac?

Those of you out there that aren't planning on running Vista any time soon may have some good news on the way. Developer Cody Brocious is determined to bring DirectX 10 to you.

The 'Alky Project' is trying to turn the unified shader code which is the backbone of DX10 and change it to raw machine language. What exactly does that mean? That means you don't need a fancy-pants Nvidia card or Windows Vista to enjoy the same great DX10 capabilities.

video after the jump

In order to enjoy these benefits you will need to get a membership to the Sapling Program which will allow you to get the converters. Currently, when you sign up you can get a converter for Mac OS X and Linux that will run the Windows version of Prey. They are also working on a converter for Windows XP as well.

Project to bring DirectX 10 to Mac, Win XP? [via macnn]