DirecTV set to launch 3D HD channel in 2010

I admit I am all giddy at the thought of watching 3D Blu-ray films on my PS3. The thing that interests me more though is 3D broadcast programming, and not that horrible Chuck quality 3D NBC tried out last season either.HDGuru reports that DirecTV is set to offer the first broadcast 3D channel in America in 2010. The new channel will be courtesy of the new satellite that is scheduled to launch. The channel will offer a hodgepodge of sports, movies, and other content in full HD 3D quality.

Of course, you will probably need a new converter to enjoy the 3D programming and you will certainly need a new 3D display. The 3D display should be taken care of with a glut being unveiled at CES in a week or so. I can't wait for 3D to come home!