DirecTV NOW is adding a bunch of local affiliate stations next week

AT&T has announced a big upcoming expansion to its DirecTV NOW television service, adding a large number of local affiliate stations. This channel expansion will take place starting next week; once it happens, DirecTV NOW's local station offerings will cover nearly 70-percent of households in the US with television. The local stations, of course, are the same as the local FOX and similar stations you get through traditional cable and satellite, bringing local news and more.

According to AT&T, this expansion will more than double DirecTV NOW's local stations following the service's launch late last year. ABC in particular will be expanding to more than 30 additional markets throughout the nation, including big regions like Boston, Atlanta, and Dallas-Forth Worth.

FOX will be part of this expansion, arriving in Juneau, AK. NBC, meanwhile, be falling between the two with an expansion into four new markets: West Palm Beach, Florida, Kansas City, Missouri, Milwaukee, and Salt Lake City, Utah. This won't mark the end of the local station expanion, though; AT&T says the number will triple by the end of August, bringing in more markets.

Overall, and depending on the channel package, DirecTV NOW users can get access to more than 120 channels delivered over the Internet; this includes everything from basic channels to sports, premium content, on-demand shows, and more. Unlike traditional television services, there's no required credit check or contract requirement.